Best Tablets on The Market

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Tablets can be considered as the combination of your PC and mobile phone. They usually have more features in their configuration than mobile phones and convenient to carry here and there for taking notes, info, gaming or programming etc. While deciding to buy one for yours, let’s have a look at the best tablets on the market in different criteria or purposes.

1. iPad Air: The Ultimate Best Tablet

You’ll get the best ever retina display in this than the former iPad versions in a 9.7 inches display weighing just 1 pound! Yes, you have to call it the ultimate best tablet in the present market. 475000 apps are run easily by a 64-bit A7 CPU in this magical stuff. Even one more thing is to be said, its battery backup is 12 hours! All are in your hand just for $499.

nexus 7


2. The Best Android Tablet:  Google NEXUS 7

Just for $229 weighing 10 ounces, Google NEXUS brings the Google NEXUS 7 that runs Jelly Bean 4.3 powered by a quad core processor with one of the best screen, 1920 × 1200 resolution on a 7 inches display. The colors are just fairy tale like wonderful and can be viewed from any angle without a single degradation of images. This android operating system allows the parents to control the apps usage of their children. The battery charge backup is 8 hours. In this android era, it should be the best tablets on the market for you.

3. ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7: The Best Economic Tablet:

You can’t imagine what you are going to get just at $150. ASUS brings it with 7 inches resolution of 1280 × 800. It’s powered by a quad core processor at this price! Who imagines having two cameras and 9 hour and 40 minutes battery backup at this price? It has 16GB built in storage with micro SD card slot.

 4. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2: The Ultimate Note Taking Tablet:  

For $700, this tablet comes with remote office software, Hancom Office Suite and CISCO WebEX to enables you do your meetings and dealings more efficiently. This huge 12.2 inches display weighs 1.65 pounds with so many stuffs within it. This is the best tablet on the market when you’re looking for a note taking tablet.

5. Ultimate Large Windows Operating Tablet: ASUS Transformer Book T100:

It’s the best tablet on the market if you love windows in your tablet. This is launched with unique battery back up along with a keyboard for free unlike other companies. It’s the first ever tablet on the market to use the new Bay Trail Platform of Intel. All these are for $349.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Best One for Class

When you can take notes anywhere you like with an S-pen on this tablet, obviously it’ll be the best tablet on the market for your classes.  While study or entertainment, enjoy hovering the stuffs easily. It costs $399.

7.  Surface Pro 2: Best Tablet for the Businessmen:

What the businessmen want in a tablet for their business convenience, Surface Pro 2 has those all. It has the combination of long battery life and performance powered by an Intel 4th generation core series Haswell processor. Enjoy windows 8.1 on the 1920 × 1080 resolution on a 10.6 inches display. You can elevate the resolution upto 3840 × 2160 with an optional docking station.

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Eating Healthy For A Better Body Shape

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People have different body shapes. This could be because of lifestyle, diet and genetic. When it comes to genetics there is nothing much that can be done to change the body shape. However, your lifestyle and diet can be changed. A balanced diet and exercise is good enough to change your body shape. Eating the right food can help your maintain a healthy slim body. The kind of foods you eat have a great effect on your health. With a Venus, factor meals it can be helpful in ensuring that you eat the right foods. This menu was created to help people who want to live a healthy life and shed some weight. Below are a few tips on healthy feeding.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals, which help in boosting your immune system. This means that you body is able to fight diseases. Fiber helps a lot in weight loss and it is in plenty in such foods. It also helps in removal of toxins and avoids constipation.


Water is very essential to your body. It can help in reducing you appetite, removal of waste products in your body and keeps your body well hydrated. It is recommended that you should take around eight glasses of water in a day. While exercising more water intake is required as the exercise depletes your body fluids. Therefore, you need to ensure that you retain the required level of water in your body to ensure that it is always well hydrated.

One thing to avoid during weight loss is fatty foods. Today most foods contain a lot of fats and sugar. It is advisable that you take note of the kind of fats you put in your food. It is a fact that your body requires some fats for survival, but in limited amounts. Fatty foods reduces your life expectancy and changes your body shape. Intake of caffeine in limited amounts can help in weight loss. However, excess intake can lead to sleeplessness and headache. Note that lack of sleep has been associated with weight gain. It can also make you skip some work out thus leading to weight gain. In this mission, you need to be disciplined and consistent for good results.

Alcoholic drinks are empty calories. This means they can easily lead to obesity. Having a glass of wine is good but the question is can you limit your intake. Limiting your alcohol will also help protect your liver. Take small meals. especially during the night, avoid heavy meals since the body will not have the chance to use it. In the Venus factor meals, the recipe suggest that you should take a heavy breakfast and light supper.

Obesity has been linked to many diseases that affect human beings. Most foods that make you obese are not good for your general health. You can only maintain your ideal weight by watching whatever that you eat. Make sure that your diet id balanced and the foods are healthy. In addition, exercise is also very important as it also helps in shedding off excess weight and keeping your body strong and healthy

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